State Oil & Gas Tax Rates


As used herein, Production Taxes are taken to be any State or Local Government Tax levied upon the owner of Oil and Gas interests, that is determined from the volume (or value) of production (or sales). State oil and gas taxes are quite simple in some states and extremely complicated in others. Several U.S. States impose “ad valorem” taxes which may or may not be significant. This tabulation is intended for use as a method of approximating State Production taxes when performing oil and gas evaluations. Ad valorem taxes are normally considered as an operating expense, but reference is included where appropriate. This tabulation is a condensation of information taken from the referenced websites listed in the document.

In grateful acknowledgement, the summary below of Oil & Gas Production Taxes was prepared by MHA, A Sproule Company with permission given to SPEE to link to their white paper.

SPEE assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of information contained therein. Users of the report are advised to verify the accuracy, current status and completeness of all tax information with a tax expert or the appropriate State Tax Agency in question. Tax rate approximations are the responsibility of the evaluator. MHA tentatively plans to update this information on an annual basis as time permits.

State Oil and Gas Tax Rates