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Code of Ethics & Principles of Acceptable Engineering Practice

SPEE strongly endorses professional & ethical conduct of all of its members. Its By-Laws contain references to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Code of Ethics of Engineers as well as to SPEE's Principle of Acceptable Engineering Practice. 

Code of Ethics of Engineers

Principles of Acceptable Engineering Practice


Ethics Document

SPEE Committee on Ethics has created a document entitled "Discussion and Guidance on Ethics" - updated in 2018.

The first duty of any ethical professional engineer is to place safety, health and welfare of the public above all else.  Evaluation engineers, in addition to estimating reserves and recovery rates, must also be cognizant of current economic conditions and product prices as well as understanding the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission if they provide services for public companies.  This paper discusses the Principles of Acceptable Evaluation Engineering Practice.

SPEE's Discussion and Guidance on Ethics

You may also purchase a printed paperback version of the document for a nominal fee here for North America delivery or here for Europe/Africa/Asia delivery.


Ethics Training

As a service to its membership, the SPEE has developed a one-hour ethics training presentation based on the work of the SPEE Committee on Ethics. This presentation, along with the accompanying notes and presentation script, can be made available free of charge by contacting SPEE at These training materials can be used to present to a group or at a chapter meeting, etc...