Past Presentations

Date Speaker Location Title Slides
Sep 2021 Jennifer Fitzgerald Dallas Rethinking an Industry Recommended Practice: Lessons being Learned from Monograph 5 (Type Well Profiles) PDF
Sep 2021 Steven Beck Houston A Breakdown of the Carbon Capture Value Chain PDF
Jul 2021 John Fossum Denver Riding the Wave of Consolidation PDF
Jun 2021 Tom Gunningham Europe Resource Aggregation: When two fields are better than one, but by how much? PDF
Jun 2021 Rawdon Seager Houston SPEE Virtual Annual Meeting - Reserves Definitions Committee Report PDF
Jun 2021 Jennifer Fitzgerald Houston Rethinking an Industry Recommended Practice: Lessons being Learned from Monograph 5 (Type Well Profiles) PDF
May 2021 Christi M. Wilson Dallas A Guide to Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainability Goals PDF
May 2021 Steven Flagg Dallas Emissions and the Future of Reserves and Resources PDF
May 2021 Gregg Birrell Europe A Study of Proved Reserve Categorisation in SEC Filings PDF
May 2021 Susan Morrice Houston How do we increase the value of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance by employing a holistic approach? PDF
Apr 2021 Evan Halpern Denver Where Did All the Capital Go? A Look at Full Life Cycle Economics on Key U.S. Shale Plays PDF
Apr 2021 Rachel Toner Northern Rockies What Influences Production from the Wall Creek and Turner Reservoirs in Wyoming's Powder River Basin? PDF
Apr 2021 Jennifer Fitzgerald Houston Rethinking an Industry Recommended Practice - Lessons being Learned from Monograph 5 (Type Well Profiles) PDF
Mar 2021 John Barker Europe Thoughts on the 2018 PRMS PDF
Feb 2021 Jamie Jost Denver COGCC Mission Change Rulemaking Overview PDF
Dec 2020 Shawn Turner / Seth Belzley Denver Ethics and Law: Obligations and Protections in Oil and Gas Securities Law PDF & Recording
Nov 2020 Alexandra Konoplyanik / Joel Turnbull Europe Flowchart for Ethical Decision Making PDF
Oct 2020

Jennifer Fitzgerald


Rethinking an Industry Best Practice: Lessons being Learned from Monograph 5 (Type Well Profiles)

PDF & Recording
Sep 2020 Deb Ryan Dallas Where Did All the Capital Go? A Look at Full Life-Cycle Economics on Key U.S. Shale Plays PDF
Sep 2020 John Lee Houston Well Interference in Production Forecasting for Unconventional Resources PDF & AdditionalQ&A
Sep 2020 John Lee Denver Want to Forecast Well Interference in Resource Plays?  Try Using Flow Models PDF & Recording
Mar 2020 Ron Gajdica Houston The Effect of Margin and Reserves/Production Ratio on Oil and Gas Transaction Multiples PDF & Worksheet
Feb 2020 John Benton Denver Leading the COGCC as a Petroleum Engineer - Lessons from Interesting Times PDF
Feb 2020 Tyler Krolczyk Houston Understanding Well Spacing Strategies in the Midland Basin PDF
Nov 2019 Neil Little Houston Well Spacing and Reserves Impacts PDF
Oct 2019 John Lee Denver Are All Those Bad Things They're Saying About Our Production Forecasts in Unconventionals True? PDF
Sept 2019 Rawdon Seager Houston Carbon Pricing and Its Potential Impact on Reserves PDF
Jul 2019 Alistar Jones Europe A Few Career Reflections PDF
Jul 2019 Jeff Knupp Denver State of the E&P Market PDF
Jun 2019 John Hodgin Alberta SEC Filing Review Process PDF
Jun 2019 Antony Corrie-Keilig Alberta An Australian Perspective of the PRMS PDF
Jun 2019 Joel Castello Alberta Valuing Undeveloped Minerals in Active Shale Plays PDF
Jun 2019 Andrea Kim Alberta The Ethics of Advocacy PDF
Jun 2019 Russell Hall Alberta The Permian Basin: Past, Present and Future PDF
Jun 2019 Jennifer Fitzgerald Alberta Highlights of SPEE Business PDF
Jun 2019 Craig Burns Alberta Perspectives on Disclosure Post 2018 COGE Handbook Update PDF
Jun 2019 Letha Lencioni Alberta Probabilistic Resource Analysis PDF
Apr 2019 Chris Wright Denver The Intimate Link between Health and Hydrocarbons (Video Recording of Presentation Available Here) PDF
Apr 2019 Art Berman Houston Using Comparative Inventories to Predict Oil Prices PDF
Mar 2019 John Howie Houston Have Gas, Will Travel: The Present and Future of LNG PDF
Mar 2019 Tom Gunningham Europe SEC Correspondence: A Minefield of Information PDF
Feb 2019 Rachel Reese Houston How Custom Provisions in Oil and Gas Leases Can Impact Reserve Value PDF
Feb 2019 Jamie Jost Denver 2018 Election Results and COGCC Rule Changes: HOw will these impact Colorado's ENergy Industry in 2019? PDF
Jan 2019 Dwayne Purvis Oklahoma City The Engineer as Craftsman PDF
Jan 2019 Manoj Devashish Houston Persepctives on Oil & Gas Reserve Due Diligence and Technical Evaluation by Capital Providers PDF
Dec 2018 Joshua Firestone Houston Analytics in Unconventional Plays PDF
Nov 2018 Elizabeth DeStephens Houston Terminal Decline Considerations in A&D Evaluations PDF
Nov 2018 Susanne Burri & Alexandra Konoplyanik Europe How Should PEE's "Serve With Fidelity the Public?" PDF
Oct 2018 Delores Hinkle Houston Those Pesky Reserve Definitions: Why Is It So Hard To Make Everyone Happy? PDF
Oct 2018 Gary Gonzenbach Denver

SPEE Monograph 5 Update on Type Well Profiles

Oct 2018 David Yard Oklahoma City A New Normal for the Normalization of Type Well Profiles PDF
Sept 2018 David Nordt Houston Oil & Gas Hedging and Golf - A Bank Engineer's Perspective PDF
Sept 2018 Rod Sidle Europe Introduction to Unconventional Resource Booking PDF
July 2018 Craig Maginness Denver Engineering Ethics, the Law & Human Consequences: A Framework for Making Better Ethical Decisions in a World of Conflicting Demands & Differing Agendas PDF
June 2018 Simon McDonald Carlsbad SPEE Business Meeting PDF
June 2018 Rod Sidle Carlsbad My PRMS Perspectives PDF
June 2018 Doug Wright Carlsbad COGEH 2018 - Consolidation and Update of Recommended Evaluation Best Practices PDF
June 2018 Craig Burns Carlsbad Commerciality and NI 51-101 PDF
June 2018 Gary Gonzenbach Carlsbad Monograph 5: A Practical Guide to Type Well Profiles PDF
June 2018 Creties Jenkins Carlsbad Appraising and Developing Your Unconventionals: How to Avoid Squandering Billions PDF
May 2018 David Fulford Houston Multi-Phase Production Forecasting "Bubble Point Death?" PDF
Apr 2018 Leo Giangiacomo Northern Rockies Understanding Oil Price Trends PDF
Apr 2018 Will Fleckenstein Denver Shale Development - Does Cheap Energy Really Mean Flaming Tap Water? PDF
Mar 2018 Rod Sidle Dallas 2018 Update to PRMS - Where Are We? What is Coming? What is the SPEE RDC Role in Developing This Update? PDF
Mar 2018 Adam Borushek & Neil Fairnie London Status Update on the London-Based Investor Reporting Format PDF
Feb 2018 Creties Jenkins Oklahoma City Appraising and Developing Your Unconventionals: How to Avoid Squandering Billions of Dollars Next Time PDF
Jan 2018 Steve Adcock Houston Free Data and Software for Geoscientists PDF
Jan 2018 John Spears Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Market Outlook PDF
Jan 2018 Bob Barree Denver Interference in Horizontal Well Stimulation PDF
Jan 2018 Jeff Sieler Houston What Makes the Delaware Tick? PDF
Jan 2018 David Fulford Midland Multi-Phase Production Forecasting, "Bubble Point Death?" PDF
Dec 2017 Luther Birdzell Houston Decision Science for Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
Nov 2017 Cheng Zhang Houston Taking a Stochastic Approach to Reserve Estimation PDF
Oct 2017 Dwayne Purvis & Joy Young Oklahoma City Your Third-Party Engineer is No Longer a Third Party PDF
Oct 2017 Creties Jenkins Denver Appraising and Developing Your Unconventionals: How to Avoid Squandering Billions of Dollars Next Time PDF
Oct 2017 John Seidle Northern Rockies Adaptation of SPEE Monograph 4 to Wyoming Horizontal Plays PDF
Oct 2017 Dean C. Rietz Houston Incorporating Numerical Simulation Into Your Reserves Estimation Process PDF
Sept 2017 Joseph R. Dancy Oklahoma City Risk Management in the Energy Sector PDF
Sept 2017 Dominique Salacz Europe A Comparison of the Chinese and Russian Standards with PRMS PDF
Sept 2017 Paul Taylor Europe Reserves Reporting A Comparison of the Three Main Standards PDF
Sept 2017 Sean Davis & Devin Hahn Houston Recent Trends in Energy Restructurings PDF
July 2017 Randy Freeborn Denver Production Rate Scaling Principles for use in Type Well Construction PDF
June 2017 Tom Cummins London International Sanctions - Where are We Now? PDF
June 2017 Craig Burns London Perspectives on Oil and Gas Securities Regulation in Canada PDF
June 2017 Jimmy Daboo London Resource Assessment Data, Requirements for Consistency, Reliability, Transparency and Comparability PDF
June 2017 David MacDonald London Extending the Influence of the PRMS: The UNFC and Renewables PDF
June 2017 Joel Turnbull London Contingent Resources - Not All Created Equal PDF
June 2017 Dr. David Elliott London Socio-environmental Aspects of Resource Classification PDF
June 2017 Bernard Seiller London Keeping PRMS Evergreen PDF
June 2017 Dr. Jim Ross London Resource Classification Systems PDF
June 2017 Robert Arnott London The Importance to E&P Companies of Unambiguous Communication of Resource Evaluations PDF
June 2017 R. Smith, J. Westbury, D. Connell, C. Coll, M. Hubbig London Lessons from Recent Examples of Guidance by the SEC PDF
May 2017 Erik Simpson Oklahoma City US & World Economic Review-Technology Outlook-Energy Proppant & Supply & Demand Outlook PDF
May 2017 Geoffrey Roberts Houston Upstream A&D: Market Update, Regional Metrics, and Market Value Calculations PDF
May 2017 Randy Freeborn Dallas Two Vital Secrets for Building Accurate Type Wells PDF
Apr. 2017 Andrew Forcina Denver PERMANIA: The Compelling Attraction and Development Challenges. A Look at the Northern Midland Basin PDF
Apr. 2017 Kenneth Golden Houston 2017 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 PDF
Apr. 2017 Bonnie Percy Northern Rockies Using the Rectangle Method to Evaluate Drainage for Horizontal Wells PDF
Apr. 2017 Michael T. Borah Northern Rockies The Crawford Equation: Calculation of Effective Propped Fracture Area PDF
Mar. 2017 Paul Taylor Europe Contingent Resources Classification Survey PDF
Mar. 2017 John Baillie Europe The Importance of Reserves Audits & CPR's to the Small Independent E&P Company PDF
Mar. 2017 Creties Jenkins Dallas Appraising & Developing Your Unconventionals:  How to Avoid Squandering Billions of Dollars Next Time PDF
Feb. 2017 Dennis Kissler Oklahoma City Energy Hedging - A Trader's View PDF
Feb. 2017 Dee Patterson Houston The LNG Industry: Redefined by North America PDF
Feb. 2017 Jake Haseman Northern Rockies Ethics in the Petroleum Industry PDF
Feb. 2017 Dr. He Zhang Denver A New Empirical Analysis Technique for Shale Reservoirs PDF
Jan. 2017 Stephen Gardner Houston Volumes and Values, a Banking Reservoir Engineer's Perspective PDF
Nov. 2016 Rick Valdes Dallas Texas Board of Professional Engineers - Professional Practice Update PDF
Oct. 2016 David Ramsden-Wood Denver Is $50 Oil Here to Stay? How the Permian has changed the Supply Equation in the US PDF
Oct. 2016 HE Zhang Houston A New Empirical Analysis Technique PDF
Sept. 2016 Chuck Fox Houston The Flashlight Test - How Can I Know I am Acting Ethically PDF
Sept. 2016 Dr. John Lee Dallas Estimating Ultimate Recovery of Developed Wells in Low Permeability Reservoirs PDF
June 2016 John Hodgin Lake Tahoe Update from the SEC PDF
June 2016 Craig Burns Lake Tahoe Canada Regulatory Update PDF
June 2016 Gibson Scott Lake Tahoe Complete to Compete (Impact of Enhanced Completions) PDF
June 2016 Manoj Devashish Lake Tahoe Analyzing the Effect of Debt on the Equity Valuation of Oil and Gas Producers in the Current Commodity Price Cycle PDF
June 2016 Chad Kronkosky Lake Tahoe Utilizing Advanced Data Analytic Methods for Secondary Recovery PDF
June 2016 Creties Jenkins Lake Tahoe Mitigating the Impacts of Cognitive Bias in E&P Decision Making PDF
June 2016 Tyler Schlosser Lake Tahoe Risky Business: Managing Uncertainty in Upstream Decision Making PDF
May 2016 Dr. Neil Frank Houston Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? PDF
May 2016 Somnath Sinha Dallas The Outlook for Energy: A view to 2040 PDF
Jan. 2016 Brent Hale Dallas Survey of Parameters Used in Property Evaluation PDF
Jan. 2016 Phil Kandel Denver Wells Fargo Energy PDF
Jan. 2016 Rod Sidle Houston SPEE Reserves Definition Committee-Who we are, what we are doing, what's next? PDF
Dec. 2015 Andrew Forcina Denver SPEE Ethics PDF
Dec. 2015 Phil Kandel Houston Wells Fargo Energy PDF
Nov. 2015 Mike Stell Central Texas Reservoir Evaluations in the Eagle Ford Shale PDF
Nov. 2015 Mark McLane Dallas Reserve Overbooking - An issue of Professional Ethics PDF
Nov. 2015 Keith King Houston Oil: What's a Reasonable Price PDF
Oct. 2015 Jeff Sieler Houston Permian Basin Overview PDF
Oct. 2015 Dr. John Seidle Denver Importance of Transient Flow in Estimating Unconventional Reserves PDF
Sept. 2015 Keith King Dallas Oil: What's a Reasonable Price PDF
Sept. 2015 Dr. David Nordt Houston Managing Capital and Ground Hog Day PDF
Jul. 2015 Dr. Tom Blasingame Denver Reservoir Engineering Aspects of Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
June 2015 John Hodgin Nova Scotia Proved Undeveloped Reserves Revisited PDF
June 2015 Keith King Nova Scotia Oil: What's a Reasonable Price? PDF
June 2015 John Etherington Nova Scotia Reporting the "Whole Enchilada" - Going Beyond Reserves PDF
June 2015 Jim Gouveia Nova Scotia Aggregation of Type Curves: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly PDF
June 2015 Deb Ryan Nova Scotia Unconventional Reserves to Underpin to LNG: What Defines a Project? PDF
June 2015 Phil Kandel Nova Scotia Wells Fargo Energy PDF
June 2015 Richard Smith & Rod Sidle Nova Scotia Satisfying the Requirement for Establishing Reliable Technology. Does the Argument Meet the Criteria? PDF
June 2015 Dr. Nathan Meehan Nova Scotia Ethics PDF
May 2015 Bob Thibault Houston Growing Trends in Subsurface Rights and Trespass Arising from Fracing and Horizontal Drilling PDF
Apr. 2015 Dan Olds Houston Cowboy Ethics PDF
Mar. 2015 Dave Pursell Houston Crude Oil Markets: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Wait for 2016! PDF
Apr. 2015 Robert Walker NorthernRockies Ethics in Engineering PDF
Apr. 2015 Jim Lightner Denver Increasing Regulations Will Eventually Collide with Our Energy Demand PDF
Feb. 2015 Dr. Christine Ehlig-Economides Houston Has Unconventional Become Conventional? PDF
Jan. 2015 Kenneth Medlock III Houston Recent Developments in Global Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets PDF
Dec. 2014 Pedro Caruso Houston Operational Excellence: What is it and how to achieve it? PDF
Oct. 2014 Steve Gardner Denver SEC Comments Summary 2013 PDF
Oct. 2014 Stuart Filler Houston Production Forecasting in Ultra-Low Permeability Reservoirs: Proposed Methodology PDF
Sept. 2014 Jeff Wilson Houston SEC Comments Summary 2013 PDF
July 2014 Tim Sulser Denver A Good Time to be a Buyer or Seller...Seriously PDF
May 2014 Jeff Sieler Houston Shale Oil Review - US Lower 48 PDF
May 2014 Dr. Dilhan Ilk Denver Perspectives on Well Performance Analysis and Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
Apr. 2014 Cheryl Collarini Houston Ethical PDF
Apr. 2014 Sameer Ganpule Denver SPE 167131 Impact of Well Completion on the Uncertainty in Technically Recoverable Resource Estimation in Bakken and Three Forks PDF
Mar. 2014 Courtney Stephens and Ashley Northrup Houston Enhanced Recovery - Adding Value to your Bottom Line Through Technicians PDF
Feb. 2014 Dr. John Lee Houston Are Our Proved Shale Reserves Reasonably Certain? PDF
Jan. 2014 Dr. John Seidle Denver Status of SPEE Monograph 4 - Estimating Developed Reserves in Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
Dec. 2013 Dr. John Seidle Houston Status of SPEE Monograph 4 - Estimating Developed Reserves in Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
Nov. 2013 Chris Jacobsen Tulsa Building Momentum with Private Equity PDF
Oct. 2013 Elliot Young Houston Reserves Entitlement and Reporting PDF
Jul. 2013 Adam Chin Denver Capturing Production Forecasting Uncertainty in Fractured Horizontal Wells PDF
Jun. 2013 Dr. John Lee Coeur d'Alene Probabilistic Aggregation and Project Definition PDF
Jun. 2013 Chris Moore Coeur d'Alene Risk Adjusted Values in Exploration Portfolio Management PDF
Jun. 2013 Richard Smith Coeur d'Alene The Road to Reserves Compliance PDF
Jun. 2013 Chris Simon Coeur d'Alene A&D Market Update & Valuation Metrics for Oil & Gas Properties PDF
Jun. 2013 Mike Heinz Coeur d'Alene Private Equity and Ever-Changing Resource Valuations PDF
Jun. 2013 Bill Marko Coeur d'Alene Evaluating Large Scale Shale and Resource Transactions PDF
Jun. 2013 Nathan Meehan Coeur d'Alene SPEE Ethics Seminar PDF
Jun. 2013 Dr. John Seidle Coeur d'Alene SPEE Monograph 4 Status Update PDF
May. 2013 Toddy Guidry Dallas Reservoir Fluid PVT Sampling and Analysis of Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
Apr. 2013 James Honert Denver Paris Basin France - A Potential Multi-billion barrel Oil Resource PDF
Mar. 2013 Dr. William M. Cobb Dallas Keys to Achieving a Successful Waterflood and Estimating Waterflood Reserves PDF
Mar. 2013 Don Warlick Houston A Current Summary of the Utica Shale PDF
Feb. 2013 Chris Tucker Houston Evaluating Shale Gas Wells Using Rate and Flowing Surface Pressure Data PDF
Jan. 2013 Brian Lidsky Dallas A Review of the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Markets in 2012 and a Look Forward PDF
Jan. 2013 Mike Heinz Houston Outlook on Energy Private Equity PDF
Dec. 2012 Craig Owen Houston Uplifting PDF
Dec. 2012 Dr. John Wright,
Jon Benton,
Fred LeGrand
Denver Ethics in the Practice of Petroleum Engineering PDF
Nov. 2012 Patrick Burdett & Bill Hasket Houston Reining in the Data Junkies - Having the Guts Not to Appraise PDF
Oct. 2012 Kathryn Campbell Europe Recent Developments in the Disclosure Requirements for Oil and Gas Companies PDF
Oct. 2012 David Pursell Houston Commodity Thoughts PDF
Jul. 2012 Ward Polzin Denver Bakken and Permian: Deal Metrics in the Two Hottest Plays PDF
Jun. 2012 Randy Freeborn and Boyd Russell Tulsa Create Accurate Type Wells PDF
May 2012 Jennifer Fitzgerald Houston Managing the Time Warp - Application of the SEC 5-Year Rule PDF
May 2012 Dr. Satinder Purewal Europe PRMS – Applications Guidelines Overview PDF
April 2012 Marc Connolly Denver Using Conventional Open Hole Log Data to Generate Petrophysical Models for Unconventional Reservoirs PDF
Feb. 2012 Dr. John Lee Houston Recent Decline Models for Resource Plays PDF
Jan. 2012 Dr. John Lee Tulsa Recent Decline Models for Resource Plays PDF
Dec. 2011 Rusty Riese Houston Oil Spills, Ethics, and Society: How they intersect and where the responsibilities reside - Part 1 PDF
Dec. 2011 Rusty Riese Houston Oil Spills, Ethics, and Society: How they intersect and where the responsibilities reside - Part 2 PDF
Oct. 2011 John Allison Houston Developing Reserve Estimates for CO2 EOR Residual Oil Zone Projects PDF
Oct. 2011 John Benton Denver Case Studies in Ethics PDF
Sept. 2011 Louis Powers Houston The World Energy Dilemma PDF
Sept. 2011 Michael Dolan Denver Stable Isotopes as Natural Tracers PDF
Aug. 2011 Tom Tella Tulsa Estimating Reserves for Unconventional Shale Resource Plays PDF
2011 Larry Britt Tulsa Keys to Succesful Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight and Unconventional Resources PDF
May 2011 Miles Palke Houston A Discussion on Evaluating Reservoir Simulation Models PDF
Dec. 2010 Gary Gonzenbach Houston RECONCILIATIONS - Meaningful Numbers PDF
Nov. 2010 Rod Sidle Houston An Update on the Use of Analogy for Oil and Gas Reserves Estimation PDF
Oct. 2010 Bill Vail Houston Guidelines for the Practical Evaluation of Undeveloped Reserves in Resource Plays PDF
Oct. 2010 Mark McLane Denver Reserve Overbooking - An Issue of Professional Ethics PDF
Sept. 2010 Dan Olds Houston Insight to the Industry’s SEC Disclosure for Reporting the Use of Reliable Technology & Probable and Possible Reserves PDF
Jul. 2010 John Harpole Denver Renewable Energy Mandates & the EPA, A "Train Wreck" in the making? PDF
May 2010 Dan Olds Houston Why is it So Hard to do the Right Thing - Ethics PDF
Feb. 2010   Houston Doubts about Shale Plays - Implications of Exxon Mobil acquisition of XTO Energy PDF
Jan. 2010 Dr. John Lee Houston New SEC S-X 4-10, S-K 1200: Update PDF
Jan. 2010 Mark Cronshaw Denver Value of Information and other Decision Analytic Techniques for Optimization of Seismic and Drilling PDF
Nov. 2008 Stuart Filler Houston Changes in Reserves Classification and Categorization and Implementation Challenges PDF
Sept. 2008 Mike Cousins Houston Energy in the 21st Century - Issues and Priorities PDF
June 2008 Gary Gonzenbach Virginia Standardized Order and Calculation Method to Reconcile Reserves PDF
Apr. 2008   Houston EnergyNet PDF