2018 By-Laws Amendments Passed



The SPEE By-Laws document sets forth the basic principles of governance of SPEE.  The SPEE Board of Directors had identified a number of recommended changes to be included in a 2018 revision.  Voting closed on April 2, 2018. The Board is pleased to announce that all 5 groups of amendments passed overwhelmingly. A final copy of the approved SPEE By-Laws, dated April 2, 2018, is attached below. While changes were made to most of the 18 Articles, the changes were aggregated into 5 groups as shownps is below:  

  1. ARTICLE III: Clarification of membership qualifications.
  2. ARTICLE IV: Admission process requirements.
  3. ARTICLES VI, XII, and XIII: Grievance procedures.
  4. ARTICLE XVI: Clarification of indemnification provisions.
  5. ARTICLES V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XIV, XV, XVII, XVIII, and XIX. APPENDIX A and B: General grammatical and explanatory cleanup in many articles. Permanent addition of previously approved Appendix A and B.

SPEE By-Laws: "Final as Revised"

SPEE By-Laws: "Summary of Grievance Process"

Should you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me at 832-636-1735 or at jennifer.fitzgerald@anadarko.com.


Respectfully submitted,


Jennifer Fitzgerald

2017 Executive Secretary / Treasurer

Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers