2015 Software Symposium Recap

On Thursday September 10, 2015, the SPEE and their industry partner QED Energy Associates held a Petroleum Evaluation Software Symposium at Anadarko’s facilities in The Woodlands, Texas.  Over 80 end users and vendors attended this event.  The symposium focused on the capabilities and features of the various software packages and the direction of future development, both from the vendor’s and the users’ perspectives.

The morning session featured presentations from the eleven participating vendors, with emphasis on their software’s unique features and the planned development direction.

The methodology for this year’s symposium differed from past symposiums in that separate surveys were sent to vendors and users as opposed to presenting the vendors with several problems to solve. Twelve evaluation software development companies participated in the vendor survey providing information regarding their software’s capabilities, hardware and operating system requirements, unique features, and development directions. The Vendor Survey Summary provides an overview of the specific items addressed. Whereas, the Vendor Survey Reference Document provides detailed reference information based on the answers provided by the software vendors.

We were pleased to have over 350 user surveys returned from across the industry.  The surveys included basic user demographic information to analyze the survey results. In addition, users answered software specific questions on a wide range of topics including primary purpose for use of economic software, methodologies for technical analysis and use of economic parameters.  We had the users rank software based on strategic advantages as well as run time, database integrity, customer support and user groups. Users also provided prioritized potential areas of improvement for each software.