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Name Citysort descending ST/PV Country
Johnson, Stephanie
Klutho, James United States
Smith, Lucas United States
Christie, Kyle QLD Australia
Johnson, Stephanie United States
Smith, Lucas
Christie, Kyle QLD Canada
Kemshell, David Aberdeen ABE United Kingdom
Baillie, John Aberdeen United Kingdom
Connell, William Aberdeen ABE United Kingdom
Salacz, Dominique Abu Dhabi AZ United Arab Emirates
Salacz, Dominique Abu Dhabi AZ France
Zhumekeshov, Aman Aktobe AKT Kazakhstan
Hattingh, Shane Alton HAM United Kingdom
Barker, John Alton HAM United Kingdom
Grace, Robert Amarillo TX United States
Ireland, Mark Anchorage AK United States
Zuber, Michael Argyle TX United States
Eifealdt, Victor Arvada CO United States
Clark, Scott Arvada CO United States
O'Connell, Wally Arvada CO United States
Schuyler, John Aurora CO United States
Clampitt, Jeff Aurora CO United States
Zuniga, Richard Austin TX United States
gore, wayman Austin TX United States
Smith, Tim Austin TX United States
Graham, Charles Austin TX United States
Mosley, Mark Austin TX United States
Youngblood, Wesley Austin TX United States
Bostic, James Austin TX United States
Brooker, William Austin TX United States
Lonquist, Richard Austin TX United States
Johnston, Rick Austin TX United States
Masters, Keith Austin TX United States
Payne, Terry Austin TX United States
Pollard, Kerry Austin TX United States
Mur, Javier Autonomous City of Buenos Aires B Argentina
DeWitt, Bradford Bakerfield CA United States
Murphy, Daniel Bakersfield CA United States
Crawford, Jon Bakersfield CA United States
Veazey, Michael Baton Rouge LA United States
Veazey, Michael Baton Rouge LA United States
Faulder, David Beatrice NE United States
Rasor, Robert Bellaire TX United States
Hite, George Bellaire TX United States
Gargani, John Bethel Park PA United States
Gargani, John Bethel Park PA
Hohn, Thomas Billings MT United States
Schenewerk, Philip Bixby OK United States
Davis, Steven BOERNE TX United States
Gonzenbach, Gary Boerne TX United States
Chona, Oscar BOGOTA United States
Duran, Ernesto Bogota CUN Colombia
Valbuena Amaris, Oscar Bogota DC Colombia
Mancilla, Diana Bogota CUN Colombia
Chona, Oscar BOGOTA Colombia
Londono, Fabio Bogota DC Colombia
Lencioni, Letha Boulder CO United States
Boothe, Matthew Brentwood TN United States
Boyer, Charles Bridgeville PA United States
Wilson, Jim Broken Arrow OK United States
England, LeRoy Broken Arrow OK United States
Lundberg, Terry BROOKSHIRE TX United States
Sliva, Glenn Bryan TX United States
Bugari, Alvaro Buenos Aires B Argentina
Rosbaco, Juan Buenos Aires C Argentina
Viglione, Lucas Buenos Aires B Argentina
Francos, Juan Buenos Aires B Argentina
Viglione, Lucas Buenos Aires B United States
Moss, Germán Buenos Aires C Argentina
Taylor, Timothy Bullard TX United States
Molyneaux, Frank Calgary AB United States
Stewart, Nora Calgary AB Canada
MacLeod, Keith Calgary AB United States
Solanki, Sandeep Calgary AB Canada
Szabo, Attila Calgary AB Canada
Edie, Colin Calgary AB Canada
Golko, Steven Calgary AB Canada
Woofter, Michael Calgary AB Canada
Derkat, David Calgary AB Canada
Elliott, David Calgary AB
Pacholko, Jason Calgary AB Canada
Miller, Patrick Calgary AB Canada
Freeborn, William Calgary AB Canada
Wurster, Bryan Calgary AB
Wright, Douglas Calgary AB Canada
Petropoulos, Larry Calgary AB
Khosla, Anil Calgary AB Canada
Yu, Shaoyong Calgary AB Canada
Braaten, Keith Calgary AB Canada
Robinson, J. Glenn Calgary AB Canada
Simmins, Joan Calgary AB Canada
Trimble, Stephen Calgary AB Canada
Lyszkiewicz, Leon Calgary AB Canada
Agrawal, Rajendra Calgary AB Canada
Schlosser, Tyler Calgary AB Canada
Edie, Colin Calgary AB
Freeborn, Timothy Calgary AB Canada
Chaibi, Kacem Calgary AB Canada
Smith, Darren Calgary AB Canada