Login Help


General Instructions

  • Only SPEE members have credentials to log in
  • Typically, your email address of record is your user ID
  • Your password was set by you in a prior session
  • When you select request a new password, an email with an embedded link will be automatically generated by the system and sent to your email address of record.  The email will contain further instructions.  Typically, the email arrives within 30 seconds.

To request a new password, click here

To email the internet chairman, click here

Common situations:

I know my password and email and can login, but cannot find where to update my information and would like to change my password.
Protocol: After logging in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Edit Name/Address" button, or on the right hand side User Menu, click the link "Update My Profile".  From there you may update your information. To edit your password or email, click the appropriate tab at the top of this page. The "My Account" button at the top of the page will always take you to your main profile page. 

I forgot my password, but I still have access to emails sent to my address of record.
Protocol: Click on request new password above.  If an email does not appear (in about 30 seconds), email the Internet Chariman.  Sometimes corporate firewalls and spam filters will not let the system-generated email through to the recipient (you).  In that case, a manual intervention is required.

I am not sure of my email address of record OR I can no longer receive emails at my email address of record.
Protocol 1:  As long as you still recall your user ID (email address on file) and your password combination, you may still log in to SPEE.  While logged in, take a minute to update your email address.  It won't force a password change but it is good practice to change it periodically too. 
Protocol 2:  If you do not recall your full user ID (email address on file) and password combination, a manual intervention is required.  Email the Internet Chairman.

I recall both my user ID and password combination but the system does not recognize them.
Protocol: Sometimes there is a typo on file for your email address of record or a valid but variant address form is being used in the system.  A manual intervention is required.  Email the Internet Chairman.

I became a member very recently.
Protocol: Membership attributes are set up coincident upon receipt of your initial dues payment.  Until dues payment has been received, you will not be able to login to the system.  If there is a real need to login, email the Internet Chairman.

I am a seasoned member but I have never logged in before.
Protocol: If request a password is not working for you, simply email the Internet Chairman.

My situation is wild and wooly.
Protocol:  Email the Internet Chairman, the woolier, the better.