2016 Committee Chairs


Annual Meeting Advanced Planning Tim Smith
COGEH (Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook) Floyd Williams
Communications George Schaefer
Ethics Tom Collier
Grievance David Gold
Evaluation of Resource Plays - Monograph 3 Russell K. Hall
Evaluation of Resource Plays - Monograph 4 John P. Seidle
Evaluation Parameter Survey Brent Hale
Fair Market Value D. Russell Long and Dee Patterson
Internet Rhonda Gathers
Membership Donald Jacks
Newsletter Coordinator Richard J. Miller
Nominating Gary Gonzenbach
Past President’s Council Rick Krenek
Production Tax Summary and University Interface Marshall Watson
Professional Registration Marcus Snyder
Qualifications Tim Gilblom
Recommended Evaluation Practices Daniel R. Olds
Reserves Definitions Rod Sidle
SPE OGRC (Oil and Gas Reserves Committee) Observer Ron Harrell
Technical Training Jennifer Fitzgerald
UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification John Ritter