2018 Parameters Survey


Dear SPEE Member/Guest

For over 35 years, the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) has provided a valuable industry resource with its Survey of Parameters Used in Property Evaluation. This year’s survey covers eight topics -

1. Scope of evaluation activities
2. Acquisition activities
3. Financing methods
4. Future price projections
5. Future cost projections: operating costs, capital (drilling, completion, facilities), and abandonment
6. Evaluation methods
7. Risk and uncertainty (discount rates and reserve adjustment factors)
8. Probabilistic reserve assessments

We compile our survey invitation list from a variety of internal email lists, so we may have more than one email address for you in our records. If you receive multiple survey invitations, simply respond to one and delete the others. You will receive reminders for uncompleted surveys while the survey is open. If you received more than one invitation, but have already completed the survey, please ignore these reminders.

We encourage you to respond to those portions of the survey which are pertinent to the work you are currently doing; questions should be skipped if you lack current involvement or expertise; this will improve the quality of the survey results.

To increase survey participation, we invite you to recommend additional professionals who are qualified to complete the survey. Please send their name, company, e-mail address, and phone number along with a note regarding their qualifications to SPEEparameters@spee.org. We will review these recommendations and, if they have the appropriate qualifications and are not already on the non-SPEE survey list, send them a survey invitation.

Survey results are provided in hardcopy format only, and will be provided free of charge to survey participants via regular mail or pick-up at the SPEE Annual Meeting in June. Additional copies will be available for purchase at www.spee.org. Although we will need to know your contact information to send you a copy of the report, the Committee will maintain the confidentiality of your individual responses.

If you have questions, please contact me or the SPEE Headquarters in Houston, Texas, by calling Debbie Suter 832-972-7733 or emailing her at debbie@spee.org.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this year's survey. The Committee looks forward to sharing the results with you.

Steve Hendrickson
Chair, Evaluation Parameters Survey Committee